Red Rack'em - Tomato Pope


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Release Date: 14th November

What more can be said about 2016 for Red Rack'em apart from MASSIVE? In March, he released the instant classic Wonky Bassline Disco Banger which has been one of the biggest selling house tracks of the year, picking up praise and plays across the board from Moodymann, The Black Madonna and MCDE right through to Disclosure and Mark Ronson. 

Repeated Radio 1 plays, festival bookings and licensing from Classic soon followed. 
WBDB was the first single taken from the Self Portrait LP which is due out in Feb 2017 but before that we have another preview of the first full Red Rack'em
long player in the form of Tomato Pope. 

Tomato Pope is a slamming party banger. Somewhere between house, techno, African music and broken beat, the drums are driving, the bassline is huge and the vocal samples get mangled throughout the track. It's another guaranteed floor wrecker from Red Rack'em and gives a tantalising taste of the LP weight to follow. 

Ocaj is a demented funky leftfield house jam which twist and turns relentlessly like a Scottish broad without power steering. Imagine a hip hip cats jazzy jam session recorded on a ghetto blaster being diced by a hip hop great. The samples get chopped like garlic cloves in a top chefs kitchen. Bon appetite! 

Rhodes House closes the single with a dreamy, drifty promise of greater things to come.
Named in that super descriptive Red Rack'em style, jazz club samples are meshed with super uplifting Rhodes chops to give you that 'aaah' feeling.
You can pull a jazz face to this. It's allowed. 

The artwork comes from an old school friend Abby Smith who painted a portrait of
Daniel from a facebook screen grab. x


a1. Tomato Pope

b1. Ocaj

b2. Rhodes House