RDG - Solutions (feat. Ill Chill)


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Released 11th November 2016

Denmark's RDG follows his 2014 TUBA NYC EP with the 12" single Solutions. The A-side fuses the deliberate, dramatic, and impressive lyrics from L.A.'s Ill Chill with bone chilling sub bass modulations and huge cavernous beats. The tone gets even darker on the B-side with Reverse Blank, a pulsing, stabby warehouse-shattering dropper. Cold mid frequency stabs masterfully drenched in reverb ring out alongside stacked drum hits. Gaze Ill gets the co-production credit with Cessman jumping on the buttons to finish this one off.

a1. RDG - Solutions (feat. Ill Chill)

b1. RDG & Gaze Ill - Reverse Blank (feat. Cessman)

b2. RDG - Solutions (Instrumental)