RDG & Gaze Ill - Keepin It Real


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Released 21st October 2016

Yet again, LabelOwner Gaze ill joins forces with the Danish Dubstep ambassador RDG, this time for a 4 track collaborative EP. On the Aside the artists' minds melt together in two pieces of Dubstep science. As the title suggests, RDG and Gaze ill show what Dubstep is made of with 'Keepin' It Real' that's characterised by a pressuring hardness, and uplifting energy. 'The Zone' follows with its progressive universe that evolves in just the right way with perfect timing. The Bside shows off the two artists' individual skills with immense, paranoid vibrations on RDG's 'Shapeshift', and thrillingly deep basslines on Gaze ill's 'Combo'. The EP is a refreshing showcase of the genre's finest offerings original sound with a well balanced diversity. RDG and Gaze ill keep it real for this first vinyl release on Cue Line Records.

a1. RDG & Gaze Ill - Keepin It Real

a2. RDG & Gaze Ill - The Zone

b1. RDG - Shapeshift

b2. Gaze Ill - Combo