R-Zone - R-Zone 20


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Release Date: 2nd February 2018

The brilliantly beguiling R-Zone series hits release number 20 with another genre defying four track EP by no one knows who. As always, the music looks backwards to go forwards and frantically blends breakbeat, rave, acid, house, electro and techno into wild new forms. The Geometry of Shadows kicks off with a flurry of pinging kick drums, rushing synths and smeared chords that manage to be physical yet serene at the same time. Chrysalis is deep Detroit style house with gurgling basslines and warm future soul synths extending off into the cosmos. Ship of Tears then races through the galaxies as asteroids, shooting sci-fi synths and glassy melodies all fly by in enchanting fashion, Acid is buried deep within and the drum programming is busy and direct. The Parliament of Dreams closes things down with more haunting celestial pads and cold acid lines that are all backed by boom-bap breakbeats. It's dance floor euphoria of the highest order once more.

a1. The Geometry of Shadows

a2. Chrysalis

b1. Ship Of Tears

b2. The Parliament Of Dreams