Project Mohawk #9 10" Dubs


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Released 17th February 2017

With eight EP releases spanning almost two years to date, our Project Mohawk concept finally reaches its conclusion with Part 9, and as with the music that has gone before, we look to push the boundaries beyond those looking for something to pigeon hole.

Owneath is a rare talent, plain and simple. In a scene that is famous for unearthing some of the best producers that can cut across definitions and genres, we have no doubt that he’ll go on to make a significant impact. Drawing on clear influences from the likes of Sunchase and Martyn to name but two, expect the unexpected is our main piece of advice as he twists the sonic landscape to and fro with a collection of tracks par excellence.

With extensive support from the likes of Noisia, Om Unit, Mikal, John Rolodex and many more, this truly is a fitting end to the Project Mohawk journey.

Dismiss any preconceptions and enjoy.

a. Owneath - Strange Bars

b. Owneath Cross State