Prequel - Polite Strangers


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A1 – Searching: Prequel starts the EP with a very live sounding jazz house noodling affair, vocoder vox samples drift over a funky freestyle bass and supporting percussion. This is wrapped in soft stab sounds and retro pad atmospherics that have a laid back sophistication to them, very Sunday afternoon chilling in a café stroking your beard.

A2 – Fidelio: This track has a more traditional house structure albeit with a certain swing to the percussion, a lush kick drum sound drives the track along with tappy percussive vibes bolted to it. The use of jazz style stabs is evident again on this tune and the minimalistic way in which they are used has a really sense of space within the track.

B1 – Michelle: Oscillating synth sounds are the order of the day here and the way that they progress into the main body of the track is very innovative and done with class. An eerie main pad sound rises up through the mix of the tune and adds a suspense to the more soothing lead sounds. The percussive element of the track has a great groove to it and adds a kind of half step vibe through the main 4 / 4 structure.

B2 – The Test Dream: The EP closes with a kicked back track that slows everything down, focusing on more of a looped sample style that uses a downtempo breakbeat kind of atmosphere over the looping lead sounds. The mix of percussion on the track is well thought out going from a very traditional house style into the offbeat breaks and back again really works well and has an originality to it.

Polite Strangers EP by Prequel has definitely got the laid back vote for people who love their tunes to have the certain jazzed smoky style and vibe to them, the is a lot of innovation on this EP and the way that the tracks form as a whole is very cool indeed, well worth adding to the collection.

a1. Prequel - Searching

a2. Prequel - Fidelio

b1. Prequel - Michelle

b2. Prequel - The Test Dream