Praymond & Thomas Murphy - Untitled


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PL007 is the beginning of a duo with Praymond and Thomas Murphy. It all started by setting up a temporary music studio in an old farm made of stones in the french countryside during the heat wave of Summer 2016 in France First, plug a microphone and start recording a couple of dry leafs crunched with gentle hands and mixed with the sound of ice cubes tingling at the bottom of a “Pastis” glass add to this some brushes played on a newspaper and fingers banging on the edge of a Kalimba, then finally, build around with your drum machines and analog synths. The result is a classy brand a alternative minimal techno, mixing acoustic rhythmics and relentless swing. None of the tracks were designed for massive “big room” type techno with “big drops” and never ending “build ups” but more for human size bounding experiences and never ending after partys. Both slow burning tracks have in common a introspective quality, specially “Les Cailloux” but both tracks remain “Solar” in essence. “Cadillac” has a more “Gold tooth & Chains” attitude to it and could remind the listener (If he ever had the experience) of being on the run in a get away car, stepping on the gas, crossing the desert with an open roof top after robbing our dear financial institutions :)

a. Les Cailloux

b. Cadillac