PPC - Ungenerous [Clear 12" Vinyl]


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Release Date: 18th June 2021

After two various released on Discolored Field’s « Hornstars » and on Comic Sans Records « Pr. Raoult Secret Weapons », UNGENEROUS is the debut four-track EP of the live-music project with PPC (Ramses and Gablab).

The two friends begin their musical excursions at the end of 2019 as they initially want to "pouet pouet" with various materials. There is no emphasis on compositions but rather the structures that alternate between techno, uk breaks and dancehall.

The outcome of UNGENEROUS came after a residency at the end of summer 2020. They have a desire to remain close to live music. To do so, they make use of only little elements and just loud sounds. They recorded a batch of improvisations on the Hornstar Soundsystem (built by Roloil and Ramses in march 2020).

The music then beholds the specific sound of the Hornstar : a physical and distinctive layered sound characterized by scoop, mid, top and horn.

In this occurrence, PPC offers their specific cross-sound electronics combining clipped dancehall, footwork riddims, heartbreaking drill and grime wave. 

A1. Szcrew

A2. Raw Riddim

B1. Ecco Zone

B2. Our Common Sense