Ponty Mython - Life, Love, Changes EP


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Straight after his contribution to the splendid Delusions of Grandeur compilation and collaboration with Sebastien Vorhaus aka "Soul of Hex" as well as his latest EP's on the Russian "Capital Bass" label and "Swedish Brandy" Ponty Mython is back with a full swung EP packed with cosmic deep house tunes.

“How To Get Your Life Together And Succeed" sets the pace for the record, bringing together a kaleidoscope of sounds in Ponty Mython's signature style, soul meets dance floor punch. "Changes We Go Through" oozes hip shaking appeal, a deep and sleazy bass line leads the charge on this bumping house track. "Watch Over Him" slows things down a touch with live funk and jazz licks conjuring images of session musicians jamming in a Smokey club, urging you to get down.

On the top of the B-side, we have man of the moment Red Rack'em who delivers a wonderfully "Wonky" house remix in his very unique style, casually combining elements from three of the originals. Next up we have "Love Is Not A Thing", another body moving sultry deep house offering, dripping with soul, as easy vocals ramble over lazy keys and lively percussion. Finally, easing us to the end of our outing in the sonic stratosphere is "Lopp 17", back in the funk realm, with some tropical percussion thrown in and a steady grooving bottom end to keep heads nodding right to the last moment.

All in all one of the most exciting and Musical records we have ever released .. and with 3 tracks per side this is somehow more a mini Album than EP .


a1. How To Get Your Life Together and Succeed

a2. Changes We go Through

a3. Watch Over Him

b1. Life, Love, Changes (Red Rack’em Remix)

b2. Love Is Not a Thing

b3. Lopp 17