Ploy - Iron Lungs EP


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Released 29th July 2016

Bristol mainstay Batu's Timedance label and party series have become an essential part of the city's electronic music scene since their founding in early 2015, the former playing host to some of the freshest sounds emerging from producers based in the area and the latter bringing them together with a selection of the most exciting, established names in house and techno. Now that's set to continue as the label lines up the second release from Ploy, previously known as Samuel, marking his debut on Timedance and the follow-up to his Hessle Audio-released debut. Premiering above is one of the record's three tracks, the stark, eerie tones of 'Footprints In Solid Rock', embracing swung percussion and following on fittingly from the February release of his Sala One Five 12. - The Quietus

01. Iron Lungs

02. Number 24

03. Footprints in Solid Rock