PleasureDistrict005 - Fracture x Kid Drama


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A) Fracture - Remember The Time ft. Lucie La Mode : Kicks the 12 off with an atmospheric blend of deep space half time loveliness with slight D&B overtones. The beat structure has the complex edits one would expect in a deep D&B tune, but holds the groove so its more focused on the what is happening the off beat.

The soundscape used here is straight from the ethereal halls of intergalactic beings. The pad sounds are reminiscent of quality days gone by but have a modernization about them. The delicate synth sounds really add a sense of commitment to all things from a deeper realm and play gently through the track.

The vocals from Lucie La Mode just take the track up to another level of blissful awareness, and give real substance to this absolute gem of a tune. Remember the Time is a very apt title for this track, it will conjure up memories of the heady days when deep D&B ruled the roost and people were swaying to the wonderful sounds and grooves of that period in time.

B) Fracture x Kid Drama - Tell Me How ft. Lucie La Mode : Fracture teams up with Kid Drama for this wonderful evolving downtempo track. The key hear is getting into a hypnotic state with all of the various elements of this tune.

The fusion of more course bass sounds and softer pad atmospherics is done with a touch of finesse and class. Its very difficult to get the rough and smooth sounds to work together in such harmony, but this has been accomplished here to great effect.

The parping ripping bass sound that would easily sit on something a lot more ferocious, is softened with the uplifting vocals again from Lucie La Mode and the laid back synth sounds that range from the loop based arppegiated variety, to the more languid chords and pad components. The groove of the beats is a chilled out blend of kicks, snares and hats that have a great presence in the mix without being overpowering.

The arrangement of the beat structure is mature and detailed and really gives space to the other sounds around it. Fracture & Kid Drama have really made a beautiful but edgy piece of music here that would sound great loud but also work at a more relaxed listening level.

a. Fracture - Remember The Time ft. Lucie La Mode

b. Fracture x Kid Drama - Tell Me How ft. Lucie La Mode