Pinecone Moonshine Vinyl 021: Relapse - Underground Rave Hits for A Shuttered Club


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Release Date: 21st August 2020

The first notes of Relapse’s “Underground Rave Hits for a Shuttered Club” are obscured with abrasive noise. For this Pinecone Moonshine album, the Bristol based musician known for drum and bass drew from many influences. Melodies and harmonies suggest ideas from extreme metal, blues, folk, and unique medieval, ritual notations. The album ranges from slower tempos like the funky 100 bpm “Curse, or a Swan” up to the 200 bpm breakcore “Hitroll Beat Heart.”

Percussion across the album consists of synthesized bass layered with household objects. “Two Worlds Colliding…” and “Cognitive Dissonance” which are in the realm of drum and bass are kept sparse allowing a focus on the found percussion and bassline melodies. The collaborations as D n G feature guitar and swirl in electronic haze. Relapse worked with Greef on the opening track “Oh God” which is between noise and ambient.

The album ends with “Generic Excuse” leaving the listener with a poignant melody of distorted bell sounds.

a1. Burden And Greef - Oh God Part I

a2. Relapse - Two Worlds Colliding With A Force More Horrifying And Beautiful Than Can Be Adequately Quantified In The Time Needed

a3. Relapse - Cognitive Dissonance

a4. Relapse - Curse, or a Swan Is a Two Person Duck

b1. D n G - Gross 1 2

b2. D n G - Gross 2 1

b3. Burden And Relapse - Hitroll Beat Heart Pt I + !!

b4. Relapse - Generic Excuse