Pinecone Moonshine #16 feat. Martsman, Dissident, Indidjinous & Madam Bliss


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Released 9th December 2016

The 16th vinyl release on Pinecone Moonshine presents four Drum and Bass tracks with elements of jazz, dub, and ambient. Drums range from live percussion to sampled break beats.

Martsman returns to Pinecone Moonshine bringing his signature basslines and hinting at jazz and dub influences for two Drum and Bass tracks. Starting with pleasant jazz chords, a few guitar strums, and rolling percussion from sticks and light hi-hats, Capital-K switches to a stuttering, pulsating bassline. Several layers of percussion create a live feeling over the highly syncopated drum loop. Zeezer’s squelching bassline and high pitch sound effects are offset by warm, echoing dub stabs. The drums mostly focus on a dominant kick drum and 4/4 hi-hats in a dub-techno style. The progression is guided by excerpts of break beats including the Amen break in the second half.

Dissident’s Stuck in Texture combines one break beat and sparse percussion to carefully control transitions in this ambient roller. The optimistic tone builds through the intro and focuses on repetition to create a calm, atmospheric vibe.


a1. Martsman - Capital-K

a2. Martsman - Zeezer

b1. Dissident - Stuck In Texture

b2. Indidjinous and Madam Bliss - Indidjibliss