Pinch - Reality Tunnels [2 x 12"]


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Available: 5th February 2021

‘Reality Tunnels’ is a concept that was originally introduced by Robert Anton Wilson in his 1983 book ‘Prometheus Rising’. In essence, the concept of a reality tunnel relates to an idea on how we create our own perspective – the subjective filter that we each apply to the world around us; the things we perceive and what our consciousness deems worthy of attention, IE what we see and hear is entirely relative to what we do not. 

At points angular and uncompromising with levels in the red, frequencies pushed out and EQ curves stretched into strange new shapes, Pinch mixes both low and hi fi on this boldly distinct sonic statement. It sees him flexing years of production skills – but unconventionally so – knowing well that safe predictability and rounded polish don’t get the most interesting results. 

a1. Entangled Particles (feat Emika)
a2. All Man Got (feat Trim)
a3. Accelerated Culture
b1. Returnity
b2. Making Space
b3. What Are We Waiting For (feat Trim)
c1. Party (feat Killa P)
c2. Back To Beyond
d1. Change Is A Must (feat Inezi)
d2. Non Terrestrial Forms
d3. The Last One (feat Nive Nielsen)