Photonz - Corroios Royalty EP


(£7.99 Incl VAT)

Silverback Recordings

Released 15th April 2016


For SIL019 Silverback Recordings welcome Lisbon born, now London based producer Photonz with the Corroios Royalty EP - an ode to Corroios, the suburb he grew up in.


The originals on the release, Parque da Liberdade and Casa do Povo, are colorful, 707 driven workouts, high on feel and melody. As one of the frontrunners of the new Portuguese house sound Photonz has been flexing a balance between the UK and the Continent way before it became a question of ZIP codes for him, and the EP's true to this intricate signature. On the flipside, Silverback staple The Phantom reinterprets Parque da Liberdade as an old school flavoured, meditation-tinged piano jam, while London heavyweight Ikonika injects the same track with a dose of her trademark retrofuturistic funky.


a1. Parque da Liberdade

a2. Casa do Povo

b1. Parque da Liberdade (The Phantom remix)

b2. Parque da Liberdade (Ikonika remix)