PhOtOmachine - All Black Everything EP


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We’re really excited about this unusual EP from the unusually talented PhOtOmachine, his first outing on Wicked Bass. ‘Black Motorcycle’ a dark but deep number, measuredly working its way down into to a solid groove before it lifts its eyes skyward for a breakdown made up of delicate synthwork. ‘Good News...Bad Dope’ is a more skittish cut, with its percussive elements laying low in the mix, whilst circling synths provide a menacing mood that juxtaposes itself with a well-placed vocal sample. A rough and ready, but nonetheless deeply considered track.

Heading in a totally different direction ‘Zapp’ does weird and wonderful work with a decidedly disco palette, bringing out the toughness of the genre by emphasising a superbly dirty bassline. ‘Special Luv’ also wraps itself around a filthy disco sample, and indulges in a breakdown which is simply a condensation of sheer sexiness. Four pieces of brilliance from an impressive new talent - what are you waiting for? Stick it in your recordbag quicksharp.

Support from Four Tet, Benji B, MGUN

a1/ PhOtOmachine - Black Motorcycle

a2/ PhOtOmachine - Good News... Bad Dope

b1/ PhOtOmachine - Zapp (Fantasy Version)

b2/ PhOtOmachine - Special Luv