Persian - We Should Shout EP [House Mix]


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‘We Should Shout’ features Nicola Duncan over a classic House vibe with a beautiful moody organ rolling over a hard house bass line

‘Babylon Fall’ classic – beautiful – sweet stuff from the Persian featuring vocal snippets from the talented Sevi G

The name of the next track is the same as the label: ‘Existence Is Resistance’ this has electronic tinged synths with a hard electronic bass riff, it has glimpses of the Authentic early Electro sound of 83-84 complete with vocoder

‘Pot Of Gold’ : Disco sounds of the roller skating era

a1. Persian - We Should Shout (ft. Nicola Duncan)

a2. Persian - Babylon Fall (ft. Sevi G)

b1. Persian - Existence Is Resistance

b2. Persian - Pot of Gold