Periskop - Thrust EP [180g 12" Vinyl]


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Released 7th October 2016

The Kabalion ministry is pleased to present yet another elixir crafted by Danish producer Periskop. Recorded nearly ten years ago (during the Fall of 2006), 'Thrust' consist of four deep thrusting techno tracks, each being a remix of the previous one. They share a common bass sound as baseline and a high tempo of 140 beats per minute throughout. Pressed at 45 RPM.
Early support from Kwartz, Yuka, Antonio de Angelis, Gianluca Meloni, Iori, Jonas Kopp, Sam KDC and Luigi Tozzi to name a few.

a1. Thrust I

a2. Thrust II

b1. Thurst III

b2. Thrust IV