Per Hammar & Parallax Deep - 10 Years [Vinyl Only]


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Released 3rd March 2017

This 200 copy, vinyl only release is the first on 10YEARS, a brand new and celebratory project between two long time friends, Per Hammar & Maya Lourenço aka Parallax Deep. Channeling their trippier and more hypnotic works, the label will start with a split, limited run 12″ that marks ten years of friendship and then promises to develop into a great outlet for floor facing house and techno. Per Hammar goes first with the irresistible ‘The Expedition For Mrs. Gustavsson’, a deep and fluid house cut with lots of little imperfections, crackles and bubbles adding character to a slick and stripped back groove. Atmospheric and warm, soul infused and heady, it cannot fail to get connoisseurs on their toes. ‘Parallax Deep’ then offers a similarly rubbery and deep roller in ‘Periscope.’ This one is more electronic and minimal and finds the artist orchestrating myriad synthetic sounds into a bubbling track that is subtly curious and full of late night freakiness. - Support by Traumer, Nima Gorji, Bella Sarris, Brett Jacobs, iO Mulen, Truncate, Raresh etc

a1. Per Hammar - The Expedition For Mrs. Gustavsson

b1. Parallax Deep - Periscope