Pepe Bradock - #12"@last


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Release Date: 22nd September 2017

Be (a) ware of ATA 017 //  #12"@Last !
The new  orna-mental Atavisme explores the rebirth of Pépé  Bradock.
After the Dirty Baby incident and the numerous & consuming time traveling trips  to Villa-Beonis;
deciphering the precious lines of medieval sequencing - they can't be read with numbers;
Trésors & Tsundoku are a sudden return to approximative and  abstract  dancing containers, with or without filters,
but often on the edge of the nerve-wracking  pepexit for obvious reasons.
It is an evocation of a spiritual ballroom haunted with unmatched awkwardness and a healthy dose of invisible whirling mascarons.
Would you kiss an ox for the sake of peace of mind ?
Well, you should ....

a1. Trésors

b1. Tsundoku