Pact Infernal - Infernality [2x12" Marbled Vinyl]


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Release Date: 7th July 2017

After 2 successful, reputation forming EP’s (The Descent Chapter I & II), enigmatic musical entity Pact Infernal re emerge with their debut LP ‘Infernality’ for Horo. Equal parts horror and simmering mysticism, the Pact Infernal sound has collected a base of devoted listeners including musical contemporaries like Lucy, Samuel Kerridge, Trepaneringsritualen, & Oake.

‘Infernality’ is an accomplished coming of age for Pact Infernal, a conceptual LP that brings together the elements that worked so well on both their EP’s into a robust, coherent statement. Beckoning, sinuous rhythms combine with smoky ambience and subtly anthemic riffs. The haunting percussion that has been a highlight of their past work often takes the lead, and in ‘Death & Rebirth’, Pact Infernal have come up with their most infectious music so far. Album closer ‘Rites Of Passage’ is a time capsule Pact Infernal track, perfectly combining their stylistic signatures into an essential bookend.

‘Infernality’ marks the beginning of another chapter in the Pact Infernal tale as they undertake their very first live and DJ performances, as well as firmly establishing they have carved out their own singular stylistic patch within electronic music, tenuously tied to many strains, but ultimately incomparable.
Mix support so far from Samuel Kerridge, Ancestral Voices, Killawatt.

"Fantastic album. as per usual I love the eastern vibes, skilful production. love it from the start to the end." Ancient Methods

"Production quality and ideas are insanely good. Will play parts at very special events." Paula Temple

"One of the best albums we heard this year just got released on Horo and is by Pact Infernal. We highly recommend you check this one out and play it on repeat since we are truly in love with every single track on that LP." Oake.

"Amazing LP from beginning to end, impressive stuff." Kwartz

"Sounds like a nice collection of waves from hell - thanks!!" UVB>

"Super nice LP." Svrec


a1. Purification

a2. Initiation

a3. Philosophy

a4. Meditations

b1. Principles

b2. Death & Rebirth

b3. Infernality

c1. Talismans

c2. Symbology

c3. Transmutation

d1. Retribution

d2. Summoning

d3. Rites Of Passage