Packed Rich - Ilian Beat Tape [12" Vinyl LP]


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Release Date: 29th January 2021

We’re happy to welcome Packed Rich on the new Ilian Beat Series. Another incredible talent from Munich. Piano skills combined with MPC skills to relax your mind and move your soul.

a1. Golden

a2. Lakes

a3. Arayashi

a4. Miyanoura

a5. Umeshu

a6. Himenouta

a7. Changing Pt. 1 feat. Polygonia

a8. Checkst

b1. Spirited

b2. Momo

b3. Mochi

b4. Changing Pt. 2

b5. Departure

b6. Viento Febril feat. Parco Cale

b7. Fleeting

b8. Kickinit