P€PA & Z$OLI - Psz_Rave


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E-Beamz Records

Released 29th June 2018

P€PA & Z$OLI are an MPC duo from Székesfehérvár, Hungary, 2 guys who are obsessed with breaks and mpc-s.

With their debut on E-Beamz they drop a nostalgia drenched ep rooted deeply in early Hardcore, Rave and Jungle also touching down in tha House early on.

P€PA & Z$OLI may seem an unknown name to most and some say that it's connected to Gnork or Dj Shark but who knows.

a1. P€PA & Z$OLI - Psz_Rave

a2. P€PA & Z$OLI - track02

b1. P€PA & Z$OLI - pzs_elektro

b2. P€PA & Z$OLI - pzs_dzsungel