P Money - Live and Direct [CD Edition]


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Released 25th November 2016

CD Edition. Panasonic has many purposes. It’s the first track and video released to the public from P Money’s debut album ‘Live & Direct’ on Rinse. It’s the announcement of the November 25th release date, album launch party and it’s an explosive statement of intent from south London’s most seasoned veteran MC. Premiering last night on BBC Radio 1Xtra would usually see MistaJam have an interview with P Money before pressing play on the world premiere of Panasonic. Naturally P Money went against the grain, showing the world just how charged up he is with an exclusive 15 minute freestyle to accompany the track. After sending shock waves across the airwaves, P Money announced the release of his debut album Live & Direct, which is available to pre-order now with Panasonic being made available instantly. As grime approaches its twentieth year many MC’s have come and gone, P Money has staying power. His rise has been quiet but inexorable since releasing his first grime mixtape Coins 2 Notes in 2008. P’s love for dubstep saw him become a household name in 2010 as tracks ‘Slang Like This’ and ‘Anthemic’ with Magnetic Man catapulted him into the mainstream. With numerous mixtapes, singles and EP’s on Rinse, Butterz, RAM Records, Black Butter and more over the past few years, he’s toured extensively and not only hit UK festivals including Glastonbury, Bestival and Wireless but impacted worldwide with shows in New Zealand, Croatia and the US. His debut album Live & Direct taps into his entire musical history - reaching from his roots in garage and grime into the dubstep that helped establish his name - it's set to draw together the disparate strands of his career so far, as well as reaching forward to suggest a wider future for his sound. A first class mic controller with clarity, witty lyrics, endless flow and punchlines P has touched on everything from love to loss to police brutality, and while Panasonic is an eruptive and authoritative entry into album mode it’s not all the album has to offer. The substance and purpose in his music throughout his career is something he continues throughout the album “Music has never been about money or charting for me. It was always about expression and being able to speak for my community. I’ve always imagined my debut album will sound garage, dubstep and grime, be released on Rinse and be a body of work that inspires young people, the first two are happening, I guess we’ll have to wait till it’s out to see if it really resonates... I think it will”.

1 - Intro
2 - Panasonic
3 - Welcome To England feat. Solo 45
4 - Keepin' It Real feat. Stormzy
5 - Mans Involved feat. Blacks, Little Dee, Jendor & Ruger
6 - Contagious feat. Rubylee
7 - Carter
8 - Don't Holla At Me feat. Splurgeboys
9 - Fake Fans
10 - L.O.N Don
11 - Gunfingers feat. JME & Wiley
12 - Lyrics & Flows
13 - Take Over feat. NY
14 - The Credits
15 - 10/10