Outrage - Creeper / The End Is Our Beginning


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Released 6th October 2017

Reissue's on Outrage/Nomine's Backlash Records.
"Creeper" marches us down a dark corridor towards a brooding midrange. A blend of the militant and mysterious, the combination of the steppy beats and cavernous ambience slowly settles the mind into a neurotic trance. Hypnotic tablas accent this effect and provide some drive to the brooding atmosphere, completing a tune directed at those wishing to explore the depths of their psyche. AA - On the flip, "The End Is Our Beginning" provides us with a fresh approach to electronic music. A baroque-influenced technological beauty, it bridges the gap between loop-based and through-composed music, with the serene melodics playing off the scattered beats and steady bass. The amalgamation of such different sounds into one is nothing short of genius.
DJ Support: Goldie, Klute, AMIT, Randall, Spirit, A-Sides, Friction, Digital.

a1. Creeper

b1. The End Is Our Beginning