Other Form - Unmarked Paths


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Released 12th May 2017

Described as “the start of something special” by Simon Shreeve / Mønic and “full of depth and texture” by Kamikaze Space Programme, Other Form’s debut EP ‘Unmarked Paths’ lands on the artist’s Unknown Movements label on 12th May. The EP’s five tracks all began life as jams on analogue hardware, and there’s a fat, noisy, intentionally-imperfect feel to each. Amidst the ’floor-conscious urgency of the two sides’ opening pieces, the other three explore slower, darker territory — and all are glued together by a foreboding atmosphere rich in sepulchral reverb and analogue hiss. Killawatt calls it “wonderfully fluid techno.”

a1. Carvings

a2. All That Was

b1. Oktober

b2. Toil

b3. A Reset