Oscar Mulero - Grey Fades To Green - Disc 1 [Limited Edition]


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Release Date: 22nd September 2017

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This is the first album Oscar Mulero has released under his own name, after two acclaimed LPs under the moniker Trolley Route. Well known for his skills as a hard-edged, raw and floor-orientated techno dj, his productions go far beyond, digging deep into the intricate landscape of intelligent techno, floating moods, reminiscent atmospheres, harmony and detail. 

Grey Fades To Green is the affirmation of his maturity as a producer, using both hardware and software in the pursuit of a highly coherent and diverse album. 

The concept is split into two parts: The Grey and The Green, each one with its own character. The first part is rougher and meant for the dance floor, although pays full attention to detail and complexity. The second part is quieter, has a slower pace and is best enjoyed at home. 

The Grey opens with 'Under The Street lights'. An academic techno track with FM bass, heavyweight drum programming and an evolving structure that builds up to a melodic and mental ending with an unforgettable synth line. 

'Taken To The Wrong Way' slows down the bpm a bit in order to get that fatter sound. Berghain style bass drum, clever 303 bass lines, complex synth arrangements and dark atmospheres. Watch out for the dreamy ending. 

'Same Streets Different Shoes' starts with field recordings from many of the world cities he's seen during his world tour, leading to an abrupt hypnotic sinusoidal sequence on top of a 909 shuffled beat for the lovers of the techno of the future. 

'Seleccion Natural' is pure Mulero sound. Powerful broken rhythms, industrial feel, power and crunchiness add a sweeping drone. A full-on analogue workout. Can you feel it? 

A mature work that confirms Oscar Mulero as one of the most qualified studio animals on the techno landscape.

a1. Under The Street Lights

a2. Taken To The Wrong Way

b1. Same Shoes Different Streets

b2. Seleccion Natural