Various Artists - ORT V1


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Released 4th May 2018

First Vinyl EP archiving the birth of Ortem featuring Metro, Books and Cuelock.

Vector Files takes the baton and runs with it. Proceedings notch up to hyper speed as a rolling acid inspired bass line, boom bap beat, amen chops, arpeggios all !re o as the Halle Bop comet comes into view via some remote viewing. The energy created by the track could catapult a man to Venus.

Plod starts with the distant echo of machinery and comes into focus via the inner workings represented by the 2 step break, over laced with vocal snippets, a nervous laugh, ethereal trains and sweeps of a ghostly subway. This works its way into layers of bass and a long forgotten sound.

An awakening via Jagganath where a car alarm arrests slumber and heralds tribal drums in a distant valley. Electricity pulses and the rhythm steps up a gear, a door slides open and reveals shards of light, before the electronic sparseness resumes.

4th System continues to tread the experimental, deep dub path. A constant #ow is punctuated by !ltered drums a warm sub, cymbal shards and a wood block. A ghostly orchestra #oat in underneath a waterfall with some spiced rum, sunny delight and join the party.

a1. Metro - Vector Files

a2. Metro - Plod

b1. Books - Jagganath

b2. Cuelock - 4th System