Orbe - Uniformity


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Release Date: 7th July 2017

The idea of purity is always recurring when talking about techno. Although purism has long been relegated to a mere excuse for fear, when understood not as vindication of a certain dogma, but as a way of approaching creative expression, purity is, as a matter of a fact, inseparable from the genre. After all, techno is something like the pursuit of transcendence - either visceral, cerebral or spiritual - through the strictly necessary means only. The search of the truest forms by just outlining them. All of this brings us to the story of 'Uniformity', Orbe's first release for Hivern. The 12 comes wrapped in a screen printed sleeve with design by Arnau Pi.

a1. Somebody Bring Me Here

a2. Visceral Terror Intro

a3. Visceral Terror

b1. Uniformity

b2. Unexpected Dream's Rave

b3. De Felipe's World