Om Unit & Sam Binga - Trans Siberian EP


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Released 3rd March 2017

Keeping up the hectic release schedule of strictly one (1) record per year, Om Unit & Sam Binga are proud to present the final instalment in the Trans-Continental Trilogy: the Trans Siberian EP, on their very own BUNIT imprint. 

Following on from the Trans Atlantic and Trans Pacific, the Trans Siberian EP showcases a further four innovative yet dancefloor-ready takes on uptempo dance music, ranging from the quarter-speed modular depth of 'Baby Steps', through the baile funk-meets-acid intensity of '2000 Dogs', the ghettotech-jungle mania of 'Up & Under', all the way to the unique grime-boogie-dub hybrid (!!!) that is 'Optimist Prime'. 

Built using an equal mix of lo-fi and cutting-edge production techniques, the Trans Siberian EP continues the progression of the BUNIT sound, referencing themes and approaches that have subconsciously threaded their way throughout the trilogy while still sounding nothing like any of the pair's other releases. 

Available direct from the artists on vinyl and digital via bandcamp, vinyl only copies will be appearing in the finer record shops around the world via Unearthed Sounds distribution. 

Where next for BUNIT? As of right now, we have no idea - but the journey will definitely be worth taking.

a1. Optimist Prime

a2. 2000 Dogs

b1. Up and Under

b2. Baby Steps