Ollie 303 – Glastonbury South East / AxH remix


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Trojan Audio’s inaugural release features Bristol’s Ollie 303, backed with a remix by Tempa’s AxH.

The original version of ‘Glastonbury South East’ marks Ollie 303’s first 12” release. His refreshing take on the current dubstep sound fits Trojan Audio’s vision and shares common grounds. Moody growls, throbbing bass galore and ghost-like ambiances blur the reality of listeners’ perception. This grimy affaire reveals the producer’s aggressive stance and ability to translate real-life experiences into matured music content. Loud volumes and a proper sound system are recommended.

AxH’s re-work adds even more body to the underlying foundation of the original cut. A steady hi-hat and reinterpreted synth guide listeners through a realm of sinister frequencies, all converging to form an intriguing flipside to Trojan Audio’s first outing. The American producer who got picked up by the legendary Tempa Records proves he is the right man for the job. He incorporates his inventive take on bass music, delivering a ground-shifting dubstep track supported by many valid heads.

a. Ollie 303 – Glastonbury South East

b. Ollie 303 – Glastonbury South East (AxH Remix)