Oblique - Conditioning Is


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Release Date: 16th April 2021

Break-ing into 2021 from Sweden via Manchester JERK002 comes from Bars of Beats co-owner Oblique with 4 tracks of Break influenced Techno. As Another Entity opens up with menacing intent and slamming drums beckoning the end of rave as we know it, before A2 sends us falling down Futility Flight’s ‘Fuck Th’ twisted wormhole. On the flip we have Mania, a break infused high tension builder, giving way to an all-consuming bassline and closing things off with Faulty, a sub bass lead heady groove that’s threatening to implode. Early support coming from Interplanetary Criminal, Ian DPM & Ascot /WW .

a1. As Another Entity

a2. Futility Fight

b1. Mania

b2. Faulty