NY Graffiti - imlookin4thedoor


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Available: Early February 2021

NY Graffiti’s imlookin4thedoor is a gritty, dubby, angst-ridden exercise in dance. The inaugural release by Peace Anthem Records features four tracks by the artist. On the A side, two tripped-up, smoke-laden tracks move the needle in hypnotic and hallucinatory fashion. On the B Side, Arco, inspired in equal parts by UK hardcore and the sight of Paolo Soleri’s utopian architecture, moves at a glacial pace, scribing a path along  the liminal edge of futures past.

a1. NY Graffiti - imlookin4thedoor 

a2. NY Graffiti - Big Smoke (Humanist Mix) 

b1. NY Graffiti - Arco 

b2. NY Graffiti - Arco (Danceapella)