NUMBer / Headland - Æther (Headland Remix) / Local (Tetrad Remix666)


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Release Date: 16th February 2018

Well Rounded return in 2018 with a special limited 10" vinyl release combining sound-system slaying remixes of 2 of our previously released bangers.
On the A side HEADLAND adds density, tough edges and heft to NUMBer's 'Æther'. 
All elements from the original have been recast into rougher and heavier forms.
The crushing result sounds as if the spacey bounce of the original has gained serious weight, been infected with a sonic virus and had various parts mutated to create maximum carnage in the cranium.
On the AA side TETRAD works fresh discipline, supple subbass and driving drums into his '666' remix of HEADLAND's 'Local'  creating a rock-solid soundbed for the wild and wayward original parts to ride across. This superb refit maintains the madness of the original but adds additional sharpness and focus for increased degrees of dancefloor annihilation.

a. NUMBer - Æther (Headland Remix)

b. Headland - Local (Tetrad Remix666)