Nuel ‎- Unveiled


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Back in. In stamped paper sleeves, this time; and much cheaper.
A stone scorcher of an EP to put alongside his classic Aquaplanos with Donato Dozzy, from nearly ten years ago. Four contrasting, deeply atmospheric stages in longing — swingeing and propulsive to blissed-out and bittersweet. Terse but charged; hypnotic, never bludgeoning; warmly crafted, never mechanical. Says Nuel — 'Unveiled consists of live recordings made on the same great day: 03/10/2015. The inspiration comes from a woman, the record is my reaction to something she unveiled. The record is about really strong feelings, relationships and mental projections… a sexy record for me. After that recording session I found these tracks so appealing that I decided to keep them in that form, a document of that day.' In hand-made, silk-screened sleeves — tastily inky and rough — featuring a bust from the gardens of the Villa Medici in Rome... stern, erect, gaze averted.

a1. OK Face

a2. Aphrobite

b1. Morning Loving

b2. M_Animal