Ntogn - Threads [CD Album]


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Released 11th March 2016

Ntogn's second full length album was made for the art installation 'Where Threads Lead', curated by Frantic Art Gallery in Tokyo.
The idea is to give a sonic interpretation of strings as both art and as an all encompassing structure of life. Ntogn's approach to this has been to work with few evolving elements, flowing and curving like threads in a web. Resulting in a varied lot of sonic braids.
Early support by Cio D'Or, Svreca, Takaaki Itoh, Valentin Corujo (Exium), Mod21, Attemporal, Eomac, Iori, Jonas Kopp, Rasmus Hedlund, Retina.IT, Victor Martinez, Periskop, Sam Kdc, Antonio Vazquez, BLNDR, Luigi Tozzi

01. 073
02. 053
03. 153
04. 023
05. 031
06. 122
07. 104
08. 042
09. 132