Nomine - Stomp / Slip


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Released 23rd June 2017

Soaring imprint Sentry Records presents their second release, pairing up with the highly influential musician and multi-faceted artist Nomine. The illustrious outlet - operated by equally respected producer and DJ Youngsta - is already being held in high regard by tastemakers and aficionados of Dubstep around the globe. Household names like these should need no introduction as their respective history reaches all the way back to the very conception of what has been coined as Dubstep. Their careers are firmly ingrained in the center of UK’s boiling music scene, being involved with labels such as Tempa or Deep Medi and outlets like RinseFM or BBC Radio. Following up on the impact of the well-received debut record by dBridge, Sentry Records unleashes a minimalistic two-track journey, catalogued as ‘SEN002’.

The entrancing, rhythmic interplay of oriental bells and strings revolve around an organic and powerful low-end - boldly demonstrating Nomine’s fundamental knowledge and doing in creating dancefloor-aligned bass music. Being granted with sonic contrast through the use of a distorted synth lead, the emerging soundscape rejoices within a fluid arrangement. The mind is set at ease in a hypnotic trance, while the body is left to dissolve in sheer weight. Further fueling the desire for a dance, ’Stomp’ immediately dives off into eerie, dissonant space along clanging drums and sparse instrumentation. Without fooling around, the listener is met with a single vocal proclaiming its purpose before a driven bassline unceasingly propels itself onward. Whether it’s the profound force of ‘Slip’ or the vigorous core pressure of ‘Stomp’ - this record leaves nothing to be desired if you’re looking for undiluted Dubstep. Designed for DJ’s first and foremost, ‘SEN002’ is sure to be heard throughout the globe and embellish an already venerable discography even further.

a. Stomp

b. Slip