Niños Indigo - Vuduwave


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Phonica Records is extremely proud to unveil the next release on its Special Editions imprint; the stunning debut album ‘Vuduwave’ by Niños Indigo.

Niños Indigo is the alias of audiovisual artist Valeria Hernandez. Developed over the course of a month, the album was recorded in Hernandez’s home country of Chile and recorded in a single week, resulting in a flowing, organic yet otherwordly listening experience. 

Valeria explains; “This record is a compilation of influences that have been inside me a long time... they keep coming back; Afro drums, Hindu instruments, Candombe, Psychedelia in South America. The rhythm of what surrounds me; the lake, the forest near where I live, the calm that surrounds it, the love of my friends and daughter. All of these feelings are what I like to put in my songs, a reminder to value the simple, to seize the resources that I have and to try and free myself of what’s on my mind.”

Originally released on digital and cassette label Discos Cetaceos in 2014, it’s a recording that truly deserves to be given a new lease of life on vinyl.

a1. Playa

a2. Hundi Conga

a3. Indigo

a4. Luna

a5. Sonar Tu Voz

b1. Briangulo De Las Termudas

b2. Estar Triste

b3. Meri Baobab

b4. Bambu I