Nino Nardini - Musique Pour Le Futur (LP Heavy Cardboard Sleeve)


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Beautiful 1 LP, heavy cardboard, phosphorescent glow-in-the-dark - For fans of musique concrète, library music, early electronic, cosmic oddities, movie soundtracks, forbidden planets, synthesizers, Bernard Parmegiani, and Bruno Spoerri. - Nino Nardini’s masterpiece MUSIQUE POUR LE FUTUR LP available for the first time on vinyl since 1970 - housed in phosphorescent glow-in-the-dark heavy cardboard sleeve.

We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records is delighted to announce the release of Nino Nardini’s experimental/musique concrète/sci-fi masterpiece MUSIQUE POUR LE FUTUR, available for the first time since 1970 and housed in a phosphorescent glow-in-the-dark heavy cardboard sleeve from…the future! Originally recorded for Crea Sound Ltd, a sub-label of Louis Delacour’s Neuilly imprint, MUSIQUE POUR LE FUTUR finds French composer, arranger, producer, possible time traveler, and all around music library legend Nino Nardini experimenting with synthesizers, percussions, prepared piano, echo, and special effects. Fans of electronic oddities, eerie cinematic audio-landscapes, Piero Umiliani or Bernard Parmegiani will rejoice at this full-length musical adventure that could very well be the soundtrack for a film in which characters from a 70s Italian horror movie visit a distant (forbidden) planet from a 50s sci-movie. It’s bizarre, hypnotizing, slightly spooky, always out-of-this-world and goddamn BRILLIANT!

a1. La Danse Des Comètes

a2. Station X

a3. Départ Pour Le Cosmos

a4. La Planète Oubliée

a5. Le Réveil Des Volcans

a6. Agression Spatiale

a7. Découverte Lunaire

b1. Les Cheveux Du Vent

b2. Etincelles Cosmiques

b3. Planète Mars

b4. Victoire Dans L’Espace

b5. Conflit Nucléaire

b6. Galaxie Inconnue

b7. Soleil Rose