Niney The Observer - Dubbing With The Observer [12" Vinyl LP]


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Available: 11th December 2020

Niney the Observer’s first dub album ‘Dubbing With The Observer’ was cut at King
Tubby’s Studio with Tubby himself reworking Niney’s rhythms and adding his
magic as only he could do.

Niney The Observer (b. Winston Holness, 1951 Montego Bay, Jamaica) by the early
70’s had forged a successful working partnership with singer Dennis Brown cutting
some of his best songs adding a more rootsy element to the singers sound. Songs
like ‘Westbound Train’, ‘No More Will I Roam’, ‘I Am the Conqueror’ to name but a few.

Also cutting a hit for Ken Boothe ‘Silver Words’ and two other singers that Niney had
grown up with, Max Romeo ‘That Was Love’ and Delroy Wilson ‘Halfway Up The Stairs’.
It was these tracks and a few other Dennis Brown worked rhythms, that Niney took to
King Tubby’s studio at 18 Drumilly Avenue, Kingston 11, with the intention to let Tubby
remix and enhance the rhythms Tubby Style.

The result was to be Niney’s first Dub album the mighty ‘Dubbing with the Observer’.
On completion it was sent to London and it was then released on Trojan records and
named Dub album of the Year. We are proud to put that album back out there for all to
hear, what has now become a dub classic.

a1. Rebel dance
a2. Casanova Dub
a3. Silver Bullet
a4. Rasta Locks
a5. Dubbing With The Observer
a6. Sir Niney's Rock
b1. Jam Down
b2. Parade Dub
b3. Youth Man
b4. Turntable Dub
b5. Corn Man
b6. Mister D.Brown Skank
b7. Rema Dub