Nausika - Dominion / Echoes


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After being chased for over a year, new kids on the block, Nausika, finally caved in and let Blu Mar Ten Music sign this lovely single.

A masterclass in minimalism. Even though we've played this in every set for months we still haven't worked out why it gets such a massive reaction every single time. Dominion is the very essence of 'more than the sum of its parts'.

Again, somehow Echoes manages to be more than it should be. A box ticker of shuffly drums and warpy basses somehow cooks up an intensely moody atmosphere.

More about Nausika:
Just 19 & 21 years old, Nausika are a Leeds-based duo specialising in their own blend of dark, stripped back Drum & Bass. After meeting at University only a year ago they've already caught the attention of many top flight DJs resulting in a recent EP on Teebee’s Subtitles Music.


a. Nausika - Dominion

b. Nausika - Echoes