Naum Gabo - Sleep C'mon


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Release Date: 24th October

So this is the tune you’ve been hearing all summer in Ibiza. Many of the world's biggest djs have been playing it, it’s had something like a million plays on Youtube and didn’t even require a sponsored post on Facebook.

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Pete Tong OBE

Some facts.
Naum Gabo are Jonnie Wilkes and James Savage.

This is their first release on RAD although they have strong ties with the RAD family for some 20 years now.

James and Jonnie have released as Naum Gabo on many labels world wide including 4 times on Kompakt's mighty Speicher 12" series.

They also produce music for film, have a dancehall side project under the alias Richmond & Lord Sheraton and James is the mastering engineer for many labels worldwide, operating out of their Glasgow studio - Hottrax Music and Mastering.


a1. Sleep C'mon

b1. Val's Hair