Nature Boy - Ruff Disco Volume One [2x12" Vinyl]


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Frame Of Mind is a new venture initiated by Gerd: a label that focuses on re-issuing rare and sought-after tracks as well as on releasing new music. First up we serve you this official re-release of Nature Boy's classic Ruff Disco Volume One. This highly in demand double pack goes for mad money on the second hand market, so after 25 years, a beautifully remastered edition is finally here. Nature Boy's sound is best described as a rough combination of disco infected grooves with raw and hard hitting rhythms. Tracks such as The Livin'Groove, Ha Ha, Trackin' and of course Tobago caused bliss and mayhem on dance floors world wide and brought joy to thousands and thousands of dancers, dj's and music collectors all over the globe. This LP displays a fine mixture between house, disco and sometimes even dub/reggae. To this day Ruff Disco Volume One is a timeless work of art.

1. Ha Ha

2. Prayer

3. Mud Up

4. Tracking

5. Unda Me

6. I'm On Fire 

7. Tobago

8. Near You

9. The Living Groove

10. You Want

11. The Major Enemy

12. Things You Do To Me