Natural Rhythm / Saison / Risk Assessment - NFRv 009


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Release Date: 22nd July 2022

Rewind to 25 years ago, Natural Rhythm's 'Jive' on Earthtones Recordings (a precursor to Seasons Recordings) was the first release on a label that helped define West Coast deep house. Saison put their classic stamp on a song that helped to shape their sound today. Up next our favourite Chicago duo apply their Detroit and Chicago sound without the fluff to Saison's "The Break". We bet if you close your eyes whilst listening to this you'll be transported to Lakeshore Drive. On the B side we have Full Intentions Michael Gray prove to us he can even make high quality deep house with his mix of Risks Assessments "Dance With Me". B2 finishes things off from Saison that provide a jazzy number giving ode to their favourite kebab shop across the street from their studio. 

a1 Natural Rhythm - "Jive" (Saison remix)

a2 Saison - "The Break" (feat Kid Enigma - Local Options remix)

b1 Risk Assessment - "Dance With Me" (Michael Ray remix)

b2 Saison - "Dilbert's Diddy"