Naibu - Straight Lines


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Released 23rd October 2015

Crystal clear vinyl in die-cut logo jacket. Paradox Music welcomes a new and proven artist to the label with an impressive discography under his belt - Naibu.

Straight Lines’ is a thing of beauty with its organic percussion, synths, pianos, brass, bleep and vocal hooks - and that’s just a small instrument percentage. Rolling b-boy breaks switch with escalating filtered pads and distorted bass snaps. A great debut from Naibu with ‘Straight Lines.’ Paradox Music Quality. PM031 worthy.

Replaced’ swings in with Rhode keys and bells flying on top of funky breakbeats for a high quality Drum & Bass number reminiscent of early Seba productions. Bleep pops and bass strums let the drums breathe whilst switching with the key changes. Impressive.

a. Naibu - Straight Lines

b. Naibu - Replaced