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Downfall Theory

Downfall Theory embarks on a new chapter as it hosts a full release from a producer other than its owner, Sanys. Myztical isn’t exactly a newcomer though, and the Ukrainian producer has already two releases to his credit on Nicz Records. Given the title of his debut on Downfall Theory, it is no surprise to learn that Myztical is using it as a means to question reality. Inspired by the science fiction writer Philip K Dick and decades of electronic music, he certainly succeeds on venturing into uncharted territories on the title track. Muffled, repetitive vocal samples, an atonal rhythm and relentless, slightly distorted kicks show that quite often, simplicity is the most potent ingredient. On “Faith of our Fathers”, Myztical disappears farther down the wormhole. Splintered rhythms, deranged howls and a deranged filter push his vision for broken beat techno into the abyss. “Substance D” sees the Ukrainian hotshot return to a more linear approach; pounding kicks underpin ghostly shrieks before a breakdown sees the track descend into grimy, Woody McBride-style acid. The accompanying vocal sample, the embodiment of a bad trip, only serves to accentuate the track’s darkly hallucinogenic qualities. Finally, there’s “Shifted Realities” - it revisits the jagged filters of “Faith of our Fathers”, but does so against the backdrop of a pounding industrial kick and a grungy, low-slung rhythm.

Welcome to the strange and wonderful world of Myztical - and enjoy the trip!

a1. Drugs

a2. Faith Of Our Fathers

b1. Substance D

b2. Shifted Realities