Music People - Always On


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Mood Hut

Release Date: September 2016

In the spring of 2015, Max D flew west for an extended stay at the Mood Hut chalet. A week of studio haze with various configurations of music people produced “Always On” — presented here in three versions: the Club mix, Bonus beats, and Original mix. Plus a special club bonus track, Four, for all the tripping DJs in the local area and beyond.

The players:
EVELYN - Vocals, edits
Max D - Drum programming, edits
Jack J - Rhodes 
Liam Butler - Rack bass, Juno
House of Doors - Live mix/Dubs
Hashman Deejay - Edits and additional production
4Claudio - Legal
bonus track FOUR
by HOD - HDJ - Max D - Neo Image
with edits and additional production by Max D
and 12” EQ by CZW


a1. Always On (Club Mix)

a2. Always On (Bonus Beats)

b1. Always On (Original Mix)

b2. Four