Mungk - Temple Of Mungk [12" Vinyl Album Sampler]


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Release Date: 9th July 2021

TEMPLE OF MUNGK follows the narrative of a Monk who, after questioning his faith, embarks on an epic journey of rediscovery. With the basslines of his hugely well-received Kuji EP still shaking speakers and delighting fans alike, producer Mungk and Belgian imprint DUPLOC join forces once again.

This time the result comes in the form of the sprawling & utterly immersive Temple Of Mungk, which serves as the Leeds-based artist’s debut album and the second instalment of DUPLOC’s new DUPLOCROYALS album series.

A true concept project, it follows the narrative of a monk who, after questioning his faith, embarks on an epic journey of rediscovery. Starting in his homeland of China he travels through the Middle East onto India before landing in Egypt, moving southward through Africa before then sailing home to Asia across the sea.

The journey is vividly brought to life through Mungk’s inspired use of sampling. Traditional instrumentation and field recordings from each country he passes through draw a discernible path through the continents, resulting in a geographically and sonically accurate expedition that coerces you into blissfully following the protagonists every step.

Speaking on the album, Mungk draws a comparison between the monk’s travels and his own personal journey to sobriety and recovery from mental health issues. “My own experience is loosely the inspiration for the album’s concept, he’s [the monk is] questioning his beliefs of what he thinks he knows, in order to better himself and gain a clearer understanding of the world around him...albeit in a far more colourful and exciting way.”

Thoughtfully and meticulously crafted over the course of 17 tracks, 6 of which specifically selected for a vinyl sampler, this is an astonishingly accomplished body of work and one which showcases Mungk’s undeniably gifted talent of building a rich & cinematic aesthetic through his mesmerising tapestry of sonics, intertwined with soundsystem culture and meditative low end, creating something culturally diverse yet still within the ‘140’ mindset.

a1. Mungk - Zither

a2. Mungk - Bhuvar

a3. Mungk - Yaksha

b1. Mungk - Inkanyamba

b2. Mungk - Sangoma

b3. Mungk - Pangu