Mr Frenkie - Respawn // Tire Fire


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Released 24th February 2017

Having released on numerous imprints such as Dom and Roland productions, Mindtech, Tam, 20/20 LDN as well as being praised and supported by artists such as Noisia, Dom and Roland, Ulterior Motive, Xanadu, Foreign Concept and loads more, we at Concussion records are very proud to present an extremely versatile,
Moscow based producer, Mr. Frenkie.

We start off straight with the rolling ‘Respawn’ that feels like you’re floating into an endless dream, before it breaks down with a techy stab buildup, which eases into the drop perfectly.

Rolling drums and crashing hats fill the heavyweight, subby landscape before being knocked back by the technical prowess of Mr. Frenkie's sound design.

It breaks down into the second act of the dream in which you don’t know whether to feel relieved, or be on your guard as the next drop sneaks up on you.

On the flipside we have ‘Tire Fire’, splashy snares and breaks in a steppy groove, countered by floaty stabs set the mood for the tune.

Going into the drop the groove becomes ampli- fied by crunchy reeses which makes sure you bounce your way across from left to right.

Carefully crafted breaks bring the track back into a switch that amplifies the bounce to more rave orientated sounds. After that we ease out to the breakdown in which we casually prepare you for another round of fire.

a. Respawn

b. Tire Fire