Missing - Jack It Operator / Fracture's 'Jacket Operator' Remix [10" Vinyl]


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Release Date: 18th December 2020

“‘Jack it Operator’ comes with the incredible Fracture remix. This all came about because I went to Jungle Jam at The Cause in Tottenham just before Christmas last year. John Foul Play was spinning and dropped my recent release on Sub System; “X Amount of Dubs”. I was also lucky enough to have my old Kemet classic ‘The Box Reopens’ given a rinse by Uncle Dugs, so I was buzzing. Not only that but Kenny Ken played an amazing set with a slew of jungle rollers followed by an epic back to back between Fracture and Sherelle. I left the night inspired and over next few days quickly sketched out a track which captured the vibes of the night. The result being ‘Jack it Operator’; a stripped back steppa with a hooky reggae vocal sample and King Tubby style bouncy bassline.  The track turned out to be a more modern vibe than old skool jungle. So I really felt that it needed a remix which was more on the 160 tip with nods to the foundation era, a bit like what Fixate previously did for us on Sub System. But who to ask???” 

“After his awesome set at Jungle Jam, I felt that Fracture was an obvious person to approach. We had spoken previously about possible remixes but we hadn’t met in person. Coincidentally, he also lives in Hackney and we had a few mutual friends through our kids but our paths hadn’t crossed. Fate then played a big part in things as one of my kids had a birthday party to go to a few weeks after Jungle Jam and who do I bump into there but Charlie Fracture! We now have a chance to meet in person for a ‘fractured’ conversation as we deal with madness and constant interruptions that a kid’s birthday party throws at you! We never got the chance to chat properly but a few weeks later we hit lockdown and time is on both our hands, so we pick up the conversations via email and I ask him if he would be up for a remix of a new tune I had made called ‘Jack It Operator’. He jumps on it and quickly hands in a killer 160 mix which is not just an incredible remix but to me channels the vibes of 1993 and takes me back to that time of crossover between jungle and hardcore with tunes like The House Crew’s ‘Euphoria’. .the lush jungle pads, chopped up breaks and even a big piano drop and 4/4 section.. ‘93 all over.  He totally smashed the remix and lit the first ’93 candle that Brent and I hadn’t yet realised was a theme! It was dropped by London Elek as a dub on the Hospital Podcast and even got a rewind, which is rare for a podcast! Things looked positive”.

a1. Missing - Jack It Operator (Fracture's 'Jacket Operator' Remix)

b1. Missing - Jack It Operator